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In Search of Adventure

  1. Calistonia – Human Kingdom nestled between two mountain ranges.
  2. Zafrani – The ancient elven kingdom lost to the Burning Sands. Now only a shard of what it once was.
  3. Eisengrot – Dwarf nation in the mountains between Zafrani and Calistonia.
  4. Kurdredgokh – The loose federation of Bugbear tribes.
  5. Brewux Pass – A hidden vale inside the Eisengrot mountains.


Guilds and Organizations

  1. Heckle and Kooch's Adventurer Guild and Magical Emporium
  2. Order of Shameer
  3. Loyal Order of Delvers
  4. Warrior Maidens of Madura
  5. Nightingales
  6. Warlock Inquisitors


  1. Dusk Elves

House Rules

  1. Vitality

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